Portable Signs

Whether it be our stock of fade resistant formula letters, or a custom graphic or print,
our signs work great for:

  • Detailing bi-weekly sales
  • Weekly specific messages
  • Bringing attention to functions months in advance with a custom print


Does your business need more than our regular library of letters?

  • Print off a custom message with your graphics and colours!
  • Ours signs can serve as mini-bill boards at eye level for great exposure!
  • Rent our sign for 9 months for the price of 1 month on a billboard!


What we do for you rain or snow!

  • Draw out & obtain a City Portable Sign Permit at no extra charge
  • We come and set the mobile sign up
  • Trained professionals arrange your message dynamically on the reader board
  • Sign changes are done within a 48 hour basis, you can call, e-mail, or leave your message change right on this site!


How do I know how much room I have on a sign?

A regular sign has 5 lines on each side.

We have two sizes of letters:

Regular letters take up 1 line of the sign (you can fit up to 13 characters across)

Large letters take up 2 lines of the sign (you can fit up to 7 characters across)

Remember there are only 13 seconds to read your message!


Contact Us about our bundle packages.

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Get your message around town & SAVE!

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